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Enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the roar of the hounds in pursuit of one of North American’s most elusive big game predators. The American Bobcat.



Bobcat - with Veteran Big Game Hounds

December thru February

6 Days - Hunt Includes lodging - $2500 

2 Person Hunt - $4000 ($1000 discount)

Whitetail DeerMaine has long been known for it’s huge Whitetail Deer and Eastern Maine is no exception.  Whether it’s body size or gnarly racks, this area has it all.

October thru December (Fully And Semi Guided)

1 Day - $300 

Moose - Years of timber harvesting in the Princeton area has created a moose hunter’s paradise. With tons of browse, endless swamps, and miles of streams, the moose have flourished.

September & October

1 Day - $300 + Kill fee


Snow Shoe Hare & Racoon  Enjoy a great day with Beagle Hounds

October Thru March

1 Day  - $300

Fishing Specializing in remote waters for monster smallies with rod/reel.  5-6 lbs Small Mouth Bass, 1-2 lbs Brook Trout and 2-4 lbs Land Locked Salmon with fly fishing  or spin casting.

Year Round

1 Day - $300

Trapping - When Europeans came to North America, beaver lived in almost every region that had streams and creeks. The newcomers trapped the beaver for its pelt. Its soft under-fur was highly valued for making men's hats. As Europeans and then Americans moved westward, they trapped so much that beaver nearly disappeared. Join me as we trace the footsteps of pioneers and explorers of the 1800's along the same routes they took while trapping and wandering the wilds of Maine.  We’ll pursue fur-bearers like Beaver, Fox, Marten, Fisher, Coyote, Raccoon, Bobcat, Mink, and Otter and use tools and methods that haven’t changed since that era.  

October Thru April

1 Day - $300



Lodging provided in a comfortable 2 bed cabin with bathroom, hot shower, sink, mini refrigerator and gas heater in Peter Dana Point, Indian Township Indian Reservation, ME

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